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RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet can indeed have a very positive impact on work and life

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Healthy smart bracelet necessary for the work party

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Fast-paced urban life is often inseparable from day and night reversals and business trips. If you want to achieve a balance between busy work and healthy life, I believe you need this RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet.


The originator of smart wearable devices, I believe everyone has heard. I was really contacted by a friend who was a gym coach. I used this RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet. This time I share with you. After using this smart bracelet for a while, The feelings and experiences that come out!

RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet


The appearance of RS-9006 stands out among many wearable devices. The body uses a high-calcined anodized aluminum process, with a metal texture and light weight. Professional design and selection of materials make it uncomfortable to wear.

I started with the blue-gray RS-9006 , the dial in rose gold color, and the blue-gray wristband, which slightly exudes a high-end and elegant atmosphere, which is very suitable for the work party to wear in different office places.

Unique technology

RS-9006 has a rectangular high-definition display and a touchable screen, which can provide a smooth point-and-click experience, and it is easy to release the bracelet. With just a touch, you can access your daily applications at any time, check the health and exercise data recorded 24/7, and view the health reports for your bracelet.

The RS-9006 is equipped with a newly upgraded Pure Pulse heart rate sensor and algorithm, which can accurately measure and track changes in heart rate and calorie consumption for a day, thereby providing personalized heart and lung health analysis more accurately. Its powerful battery can guarantee 7- day battery life without frequent charging, so you can wear the bracelet for a long time and experience the help of the heart rate monitoring function in depth.

smart bracelet

With the Smart Track automatic recognition function, daily activities such as swimming, running, and cycling can be automatically recorded, and sports data such as real-time pace and active distance can be recorded without any leakage.


RS-9006 's smart message notification and silent alarm reminder function solves its schedule well. The right silent vibration and smooth sliding screen allows you to directly check the received information at any time, which will not affect the colleagues around you, but also ensure that you get important news in time.

When you wake up in the morning, you can see the monitoring data of your 4 sleep stages on the app , so you can fully understand your sleep status. Sleep function will give you personalized assistance and help based on sleep monitoring results, thereby gradually improving your sleep quality.

The built-in breathing training function allows the long-time working party to come out, relieve work pressure and adjust themselves, so that they can devote more energy to the next round of work.

to sum up

The RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet can indeed have a very positive impact on work and life. I believe that the purchase of this smart bracelet from RESEE will help you to a large extent understand your own health level and how to coordinate the balance between work and health.

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