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RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet can meet your various needs for sports

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Smart Bracelet Makes Exercise Daily

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Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but many people can't stick to it because of time. Smart bracelets are born from time to time, because they can monitor sports and scientifically guide sports at any time, and become a good helper for sports. It can make sports become a daily habit and no longer a burden for you, Exercise is not just a simple bounce. A reasonable and scientific exercise can do more with less. 

RESEE RS-9006 smart bracelet can meet your various needs for sports

At first glance, the RS-9006 smart bracelet will be attracted by its stylish appearance. The compact integrated dial with OLED touch display, the body is made of comfortable silicone, weighs only7g , and is light and comfortable to wear. You no longer have a reason to take off your bracelet.

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In terms of sports support, the RS-9006 smart bracelet has more than 15 target-based exercise modes, which can set goals and real-time reminders for different modes; an all-weather heart rate monitoring function that can scientifically guide you in exercise intensity; Activity record, let you master all your sports!

In terms of health monitoring, the RS-9006 smart bracelet can automatically monitor your sleep. Whether it is the length of each sleep stage or the heart rate per minute per second when falling asleep, it can record detailed information. These data are for each Based on the score of night sleep, you can also get sleep tips from the RESEE smart bracelet app, master your sleep status, and improve sleep step by step with the help of RS-9006. In addition to sleep functions, RS-9006 can also record your resting heart rate and track the physical health of female wearers. These functions provide targeted help to better ensure the wearer's health.

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Although the function of the smart bracelet is so powerful, its battery life is still not bad, the battery life can reach up to 5 days, it can be easily worn day and night, and the companion can always unlock the deeper password.

Having said that, enjoying a healthy life starts with this smart bracelet!

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