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Because We are a stopwatches supplier and also told customers that this price is already very favorable

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On May 23, 2019, Shen zhen RESEE Technology will bring the company's main sports stopwatches, smart bracelets, fat scales and new technology innovation products . We are pure stopwatches suppliers. This time we need to go to the National Convention and Exhibition. Center (Shanghai) participated in China International Sporting Goods Exhibition, exhibition number: 5.1E038

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Show up in several of our customers do foreign trade of both encounters customers about price headache. Indeed, customers in any country have the same mentality, and they always want to buy the products they want at a cheaper price, and even some foreigners will frantically lower the price when they buy our products. The "price war" is ubiquitous, and how to deal with it also reflects the skills of foreign trade negotiators.

"I gave the customer updated the price several times, the first 53 times the arrival of the customers are in South Africa, to a stopwatch offer , saying it was urgently needed, he was sporting goods dealers, this time stopwatch profits have been down to very low, because We are a stopwatches supplier and also told customers that this price is already very favorable. It is a stopwatches supplier that can achieve this price. This offer is valid for only one month, but the customer still replied that the price is high. , But my price can't be lower anymore, how to negotiate with customers in this case? "

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When talking about the price, the worst negotiation situation is that you quote a price, the customer said it is too expensive, so I will obediently reduce the price; the customer said it is still too expensive, others give him a better price, and I painfully reduce the price again; guests Finally, the price is still lower. I said that we are a stopwatches supplier. I can only give you a target price, and you can place an order if you accept it. As a result, in order to win the order, only helpless acceptance. After working hard for a long time, the profit is very thin. Even if he comes to me to place an order later , I still have to bear the low price.

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Because we are a stopwatches supplier, our basic principle is to use convincing materials to reflect added value. For example, you can send several photos of your factory in the past. This reflects your advanced production capabilities, quality management capabilities, and the ability to guarantee The ability of this batch of stopwatches to be delivered on time.

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